VR Nightmare Factory

Easy to use and easier to setup, this custom Virtual Reality system comes with everything you need to start giving your customers the latest in scare technology.   The system is a complete system all in a wireless setup.  With a six to eight hour commercial run time between charges this tank will hold up to the toughest of attractions.  No complicated computer needed as everything you need is built into the headset, just put it on and press start.  Comes with a pre-loaded experience that keeps the customer seated and requires no in headset movement.  This will drastically cut down on the small percentage of customers that are prone to motion sickness.

Customers will experience the horror of what goes bump in the night as their bedroom is turned from a serene evening to a fiery hellscape populated by horrendous demons and monsters.  Every season new nightmares will be available for download to allow for customers to purchase more tickets to try new experiences.  With the addition of a Chromecast and projector customers will be able to watch and see as their friends get terrorized.  A quality VR experience does not need to cost a fortune or break the bank.  You can give you customers a quality experience for a reasonable price.  Contact us today to order yours today!

Hand Tracking

Wireless accurate hand tracking to immerse customer experience.


Attraction Quality long lasting controllers will take year of customer abuse.  



Wireless controllers, so customers can’t get caught up in messy wires.


Runs on AA rechargeable or standard batteries, no need to worry about charging.


Upgradeable Experience

Have multiple experiences or change it out every year to keep it fresh.


Oculus Platform

Built on the Oculus Quest platform so no need for a complicated PC.

Strong Materials

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VR Nightmare Factory


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VR Nightmare Factory

Coming To Transworld 2020

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