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Queue Manager

Free Customer Flow Software to Get Consistant Flow of Customers in Your Attraction.


Main Menu Time Selection

Time Select Screen

Countdown Timer


Main Menu Time Selection


Spacebar Resets Timer

Esc Key Exits Kiosk Mode and exits program

Just Download The Program

Download the software from the link below.

*If you get the “Program is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous” error, just select the arrow up and click on keep.  This software is free but not used offen due to Attractions being a niche market.

Unzip the Program

Located inside the download is a file called Customer Queue.exe

Just copy this file on your desktop and run the program. 

Using the Application

     The days of using a vintage stop-watch to time your guests entrances is long passed.  Install this on any pc to create a custom timed client entry timer. You will be greeted by a time selection screen.  Select the time spacing of each group.  Once selected the timer screen will display a red background and a countdown timer.  Once the timer has reached zero, the screen will go green. Once your guests are thru the door, press the space bar to restart the timer.  

     Since the queue worker no longer has to sit and look at a clock anymore, they are free to interact in a more story mode with your clients.  The shining green and red light assists them in knowing when to space our your clients and concern themselves more with a good show.